Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alifeinbeauty ? who is she?????????

Hiyas Beauties xoxo
I'm new to the Blogging scene so be nice if poss ;) hehehehe x
I am a Freelance Makeup Artist who has and always will be obsessed with Makeup :) x I live and breath Makeup and it is my ultimate dream to work at London Fashion Week behind the Catwalk shows, then moving onto other cities :) x
I have built up Makeup and Fashion portfolios over the years for which I absolutely treasure (it comes everywhere with me, I even saved it from a series of moves in all my 21 years to date heheheheee) x I regularly give advice on Makeup Application for which I regularly tweet and just give my little reviews on the best products to date x I have alot of knowledge of products and love to try non-expensive and expensive products, for which beauties guess what? most products which are non-expensive are the best products to use x I'll tell you more about this soon :) x
I am going to try my best to build themes of Makeup events and blog as much as i can, but i am always open to suggestions so let me know if you want any information or advice on application, techniques, brands etc :) I'm here for you :) x
Well lets get started then :) await..... my first proper Makeup Blog, thanks for listening beauties xoxo
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