Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Makeup feng shui Attack :)

Hey Beauties xoxo
Today I had a thought (yes i know scary thought coming from me hehehehe) we have all been taught or even told most of the time to never let our Makeup bags, Kits, Purses etc get crammed full of old products we are never going to use or is out of date, but somehow we can never get round to it, and when we do find the time or eventually pushed to do it we CAN'T. We can't bear to chuck out our favourite Lipstick or Eye Shadow for which we have had for years or despite the fact that it doesn't suit us we cant bear to chuck it :(
So in the name of being a beauty addict I decided to delve deep into my Makeup Kit and see what I had.....
My kit is pretty organised if I'm honest, I like to keep it organised in case I'm called at any time for a beauty emergency but it still looked like it needed improvement.

The first thing i noticed however was the colour scheme of all my products.... they all seemed to be consisting of BLACK,BLACK,BLACK. I think however it is professional colour, maybe I should add a new colour??? hmmmmmm.

Aside from my Professional kit, I decided to look in my personal kit and found that that so consisted of BLACK BLACK BLACK, I suppose its kind of a lost cause, we will always stick to what suits us or what we like, but when it comes to Make-up looks, in situations such as age, events, and hygeine, we do need to change :) (sorry ), so I will be posting a blog on when its time to change your Make-up looks due to different situations....that's given me an idea Beauties :) x stay tuned :) x

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