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Everyday Makeup Routine with a twist :)

Hey Beauties :)

Makeup has become a part of our everyday lives, its a second skin, a best friend who makes you confident and it is always there for you. In the spirit of makeup I have finally blogged the most requested post.... on my everyday makeup products :)

My makeup look rarely differs, the products I use can make the look as light or as dark, cute or dramatic, as I want as my products are multi-taskers.

As much as I LOVE COLOUR I like to stick to what suits me, and leave the colours for when I have a special occasion or for my clients (when requested).

Soooo saying all that I also decided to tally the amount of makeup I have, the cost and when it needs replacing. Lets see how much.......

My Products and Tools:

Garnier Soft Essentials Rose Extract Complete Cleansing Milk for Dry & Sensitive skin (£3.99 lasts me 6 months)
This product cleanses, soothes, nourishes skin, face, eyes and removes makeup, an ultimate cleanser, toner, moisturiser and makeup remover all in one! I find it hard to find a good makeup remover as I am allergic to most cleansers but this is perfect if you have sensitive skin :) I use a 50p mark onto the front of my hand, then place this onto the t-zone and remove any exsisting makeup from my eyes.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation In Ivory 010 (£8.99 Lasts me 3 months)
This Foundation is the lightest colour for my skintone but has a little tan effect to it, so I don't feel too pale. It is soooo soft to apply all over the face for which I then apply foundation to the eye socket also as a secure base for my eyeshadow. I use an Elizabeth Arden Mineral Brush to apply the foundation.

The Elizabeth Arden Mineral Brush £28.99 has lasted me 1 year and counting...)
I am soooo in love with this brush, it was my first ever big purchase when I got my first makeup job, it was expensive but sooo worth it. The Elizabeth Arden sign has rubbed off :( but I still love it :) I use this brush to blend my foundation in and to aplly blusher. The brush is a Mineral Brush, but I use it as a foundation brush as its easier to blend and gives a softer finish to the foundation and blusher.

Maybelline Eyestudio Mono Beige Nude/Naked Beige 605 (£4.99 lasts me 6 months)
This eyshadow has a beautifull texture and is very pigmented, it does however have too much shimmer for me so I only apply one or two coats to the eyelid using a large eyeshadow brush.

Body Collection Large Eyeshadow Blender (£2.99 Lasted me 4 months so far...) I use this eyeshadow brush to blend my eyeshadow, I like that the brush is large as the eyeshadow to tends to stay on. The hair bristles are soft and overall it is good vaule suprisingly. This brush is my easy go-to when I am in the rush or I don't have enough time to get my fancy ones :).

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (£2.99 has lasted 3 months so far...)
This is a lifesaver for my eyes when I have had a sleepless night or when I want my eyes to appear bigger. I apply the liner onto my bottom waterline, to give me the above effects. The liner is smooth to put apply (as it is placed in a delicate area) and I can trust the brand :).

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Colour Reveal Black (£7.99 lasted 5 months)
I love love love this mascara, not only does it make your eyes appear bright and draws out your natural eye colour, it also makes your lashes look longer (without eyelash curlers). I was really suprised as I have alot of trouble finding a good mascara and I HATE eyelash curlers. So when I tried this OMG I didn't need to use eyelash curlers! Plus it brightend my eyes up :) The only thing wrong is that it can be used up a month less than expiry date, but hey for this result, who cares??? :).

Rimmel London professional Eye Liner Dark Chocolate 002 (£4.99 lasted me 6 months and counting...)
This is the only liquid eyeliner I will use, and trust me i've tried my fair share of liquid eyeliners. I like to use this as it has an easy applicator, is a smooth texture, light to handle and is less harsh than a black eyeliner. I line the top eyelash and socket with this, depending on my mood that day, i'll add a flick also :).

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 06 (£6.99 has lasted me 3 months so far...)
This is the best cream blusher I have ever used, it goes on smoothly, it suits my skintone, I can add more blusher to create a darker look, it can be used as a base for lipstick and as a eyeshadow, if I choose. It is a multi-tasker and well worth the money :).

MAC Viva Lady Gaga Lipstick (£13 has lasted 4 months so far...)
At first I wasn't too sure about this lipstick but surely I fell in love with it. Its a different colour to what I normally wear (Chanel Rouge Allure Red) so it's gotten used too, now I wear this everyday and love it. It has a creamy texture and is very long -lasting :).

So Beauties there you have it my everyday makeup products :) and suprsingly it tallys up to: £85.91.
Good or Bad Beauties??? Whats your Everyday Products??? Let me know Beauties :)

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