Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Pink Story :-)

Hi beauties :-)
As you know I love a Red Lip, but looking through some old photos yesterday, I realised that a Red Lip doesn't always suit me...booo!
So in a attempt to embrace a Pink Lip and let go of my good old Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick, I decided to hit the high-street in order to find the perfect Pink Lipstick :-)

After a good hour (ok two :-) in Superdrug, I picked up two Lipsticks and a Lip Balm, which was almost, almost to my Lip standard. I wanted something girly, but not too bright, and something that didn't bleed ??
So looking through each counter touching all the Pink Lipsticks I felt a little excitement and nervous as I felt I was cheating on my Redness lol :-/ however....
Hmmm so I picked up a:

RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK IN SHADE FIRECRACKER.....It was waaaaayyyyyy to bright for me, although it didn't dry out, but a big no no :-(
MUA IN SHADE LIGHT PINK....This was waaayyyy to shimmery and too light for my taste, but had excellent pigmentation, and you can't really go wrong for the price :-)
I LOVE...COLLECTION STRAWBERRIES AND MILKSHAKE LIPBALM...This had a lovely scent, and went on well, with good covearge, but didn't last long, because at the end of the day, its just a Lipbalm :-(

So overall not a good start to a Pink Lipstick find I am still looking.... I will be going shopping tomorrow to Cardiff so maybe I will try a department store or maybe even a designer brand??? Hmmmm...
Beauties have you found your "perfect" Pink Lipstick????? Want to give me your experiences or recommend any to me??? Let me know beauties :-)
Until then the search continues.....
P.S as you know I always like to put a twist on things so I combined all three lipsticks and a little white eyeliner from Rimmel London to create the picture above...not a bad turnout, all three :-)
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