Friday, November 25, 2011

My email experience with a Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist

Hey Beauties,
As you know I am an avid collector of Bobbi Brown makeup; I think the makeup is outstanding for all occasions, has excellent pigmentation, quality ingredients, and suits every skin tone and ages.
Looking on their website last week I came across a web chat for which you can take part in and chat with actual Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists! The chat hours are: Monday to Friday-12pm-2pm and 6pm-10pm and Saturday to Sunday-5pm-10pm or if you miss the chat times you can directly email an artist and they will get back to you asap (On this occasion I emailed an artist, and it took four hours for them to get back to me! So professional!)
So I emailed one of the artists called Sara for some advice from Bobbi Brown and from Sara for breaking into the Makeup Artistry Business for Fashion and Magazine work, I wanted to see if anything had changed and just to have a fresh perspective.
This is the replies I had off Sara;
Dear Amy

Thank you for your beauty question
We are delighted that you are keen to pursue your makeup artistry career.
Bobbi's top tips for breaking into the business are:
1. Always arrive on time
2. Be who you are
3. Practice confidence
4. Don't be afraid to ask questions
5. Be nice to everyone
6. Never stop learning
7. Remember that its not about you - focus on the customer / client
8. Love what you do

Bobbi's makeup manual is a great book for starting out in the industry it has all the tips you could possibly need and loads of contact details also, all the best with your career.
Warmest Regards,


Bobbi Brown Beauty Team
I then asked Sara if I would need to provide a Portfolio and what kind procedures that Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist go through to get into the industry, Sara replied;
Dear Amy Louise

We don't have information about portfolios other than in our book, we employ trained makeup artists and all our artist go through a 3 day basic school training programme. The artists are then put through a certification programme to further their personal makeup artistry. We don't endorse any specific training or portfolio building projects, you'll find a huge amount of information in the book which I'm sure will prove incredibly helpful in furthering your career
Warmest Regards,


Bobbi Brown Beauty Team
As Sara mentioned this is Bobbi Brown Makeup procedure, so it can vary from place to place, but this was very helpful in terms of what to expect in the industry.
I then replied to Sara to thank her for her help and that I would be purchasing the Bobbi Brown Book to help further this part of my career. Over-all I learnt some new information on how Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists work, but I will still continue to progress to get my Makeup into magazines.
As Sara replied in her last email (below) it proved Bobbi Brown is dedicated to their clients and customers via all communication and artistry work. I have contacted Makeup Company’s before via email and have had no reply so this was a fresh and friendly change.

Not at all! Our artists are trained to really work for the clients we see rather than create directional artistic creations so the book is your best option and practice practice practice! Also go and have a makeup consultation at one of our studios as it will be so good for you to have your makeup done by one of our artists

Best wishes


I am halfway through the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book at this moment in time and it is very helpful. It has two sections for general makeup knowledge and application then section two is for budding and professional makeup artists, so this is a great way to learn like Sara said. Thanks Sara J

So Beauties have you read the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual? If so has it helped you? Have you still to read it or is it on your Christmas wish list? Let me know Beauties in the comment box J
You can contact a Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist on: and go on the ‘Talk to an Artist’ on the right-hand side of the tool bar on the website.

You can also follow Bobbi Brown on Twitter: @Bobbibrown and @justbobbibrown

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