Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cheetah Lips

Hey Beauties,
So as you know out of all the makeup in the world, I love love lip products and experimenting. So today I have been playing around with my favorite makeup brand MUA to try and create some ‘out-there lips’.
So let’s introduce part one of ‘Lips tell us your story’.
Today I have created Cheetah lips using just three products and a brush. Here is how to create the look for you to try out J

Step one-Prep Time
1.  Make sure the lips are well moisturized and healthy
2.  You can make sure the lips are soft and healthy by using a baby’s toothbrush to gently remove old skin cells from the lips.
3.  Then apply a chosen lip balm or apply Vaseline to the lips
Step Two-here we go…
1.  Apply MUA Brush on Concealer Pen in Shade Light to the lips (top and bottom) then blot once with tissue

Step three…bottom lip
1.  Apply MUA Eye Shadow Shade 30 Pearl to the bottom lips using an eye shadow brush (making sure you outline the edges of the lips)

2.  Apply three layers to the lip using a tapping motion in the center of the lips
Step four…top lip
1.  Apply MUA Eye Shadow 30 Pearl to the cupids bow and the rest of the top section of the lip

2.  Apply three layers to the lip using a tapping motion
Step five…making the print
1.  Apply MUA Eye Liquid Liner Shade Black using half circles then spot type images, spacing them out across the lips

2.  Draw on the half circles and spots onto the bottom lips making them closer
3.  Draw the half circles and the spot on the top lip- i.e. apply two circles by the cupids bow
4.  Draw three half circles on top of the cupids bow

It can take practice to make the lips look like a cheetah print but as long as you draw half circles and spot like shapes onto the lips it should come out great. You can also look at cheetah prints and pictures (via the internet, books and images) for which you can copy or trace onto the lips.
This look is subtle for a fun themed party, a daring look and even a club look. I personally love this look! the timescale of this look lasts up to six hours and is kiss proof (i tested on my boyfriend hehe all in the name of beauty---no sloopy kisses tho :) )
The MUA eye shadow is great to use as a single eye base look or as a base for your lips such as this look. The MUA eye liner is also a basic in every makeup bag as is the concealer (for which I will be posting a blog post very soon on-so watch out for that).
You can purchase MUA online on www.muastore.co.uk or on the www.superdrug.co.uk website or Superdrug in store.
Beauties have you used MUA products or going to try them? What do you think of this look? Let me know beauties.


Beauty Make Up Addict said...

I love this. It's really pretty

Ashley said...

Cool. Very creative if I say so myself :)

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Thank You Ashely :)


Alifeinbeautyam said...

Awww Thank You Beauty Makeup Addict :)


GreenEyedGirl said...

I absolutely love this :) I only wish it was something that you could wear day to day!

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Thank You Green Eyed Girl :)

I know it would be briilant, wouldn't it :)

Is there a Lip look you would like me to try/create for you?


Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Neat but how well does it stay on?

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hey Still Blonde After These Years!

The lips will last up to six hours when having drinks however use a straw if you can.

To test these lips out I kissed my boyfriend and the Lips still lasted.

As long as you prep the lips it will stay on regardless, but a realistic timescale is six hours.

Please let me know if you try it out :) xx

♥ YourBFF ♥ said...

Wow this is a definite eye-catching look that looks so amazing on you! I would love to see a full face with this look to see how you might do the eyes along with a bold lip like this! Very unique! <3 it girl!

Kiss and Blush Makeup said...

I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hey Your BFF!

Thank You that means alot :)

Yes ok I will do the look for you with the eyes this week :)

Thank you for your input and I have followed your blog :) I love it!


Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hey Kiss and Blush makeup :)

Thank you :)

Means alot :)


Kristin said...

Very cool! I love your awesome blog and I have passed an award on to you. Check it out at:


Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hi Kristan,

Thank You soooo much for my award-it means alot :)