Friday, February 10, 2012

Do You Heart My Lips?

Hey Beauties,
So as you know the big day is coming soon…yep Valentine’s Day!!! And I am guessing that you are either excited, nervous or hate the day…hmmmm whether you are single, attached or dating I think we can all celebrate it with the people we love AND what better way to celebrate than a Valentines Party???

Valentine’s Day <3
I will be creating some makeup looks that will set you out from the crowd and will guarantee a fun filled night whatever your status!!!
So let’s introduce part ONE of ‘Valentines Party Looks’.

This look has fun take on Valentines by using the most talked about symbol related to Valentines…yes that’s right the ‘love heart’. This lip look is perfect for the cute, fun and sexy single lady on Valentines. Just because your single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun? Being single is the best fun of all!

Step one-Prep Time
1.  Make sure the lips are well moisturized and healthy
2.  You can make sure the lips are soft and healthy by using a baby’s toothbrush to gently remove old skin cells from the lips.
3.  Then apply a chosen lip balm
Step Two-getting ready
1.  Apply a Concealer (Light) to the lips (top and bottom) and then blot once

2.  Apply a medium to dark pink lipstick or a cream blush to the lips using a thick lip brush

3.  Apply the lipstick or blush to the top and bottom of the lips, making sure you outline the cupids bow in the process using the brush

Step three -the can be tricky but exciting one
1.  Once the lips are covered, take a black liquid eye liner and draw a small love heart shape onto the left side of the lip

2.  Don’t worry if you get it wrong at first practice makes perfect just remove the mistake with a cotton bud and then re-apply the lipstick or cream blusher with the brush again
3.  Then repeat step 1 by drawing another love heart on your right side of the lip

Step four-the steady hand one
1.  Take a red lip gloss or lipstick and using a fine brush outline the inside of the love heart and fill in using the red lip gloss or lipstick

2.  Fill in both the love hearts with the red lip gloss or lipstick allowing to dry then repeat twice
3.  Once you have filled in the love heart with the red lip gloss or lipstick make sure there is no black eye liner smudges around the love heart

4.  If there is smudges on the love heart take your first brush with the pink lipstick or cream blush and brush the black eye liner smudges out
Step five-nearly finished
1.  Add a gold eye shadow onto the center of the bottom lips and the other sides of the bottom lip

2.  Then apply the red lip gloss or lipstick onto the top of the lips using the a eye shadow brush

3.  Use your finger and dab the excess of the lip gloss or lipstick and smudge then with a brush

4.  Apply concealer to the edges of the lips (this stops the lips from bleeding)  

5.  Once again apply the gold eye shadow onto the tops of the lips with an eye shadow brush

The lips should then be set with no smudges with the overall look being a mixture of red, pink and gold with love hearts!

The lips should last up to three hours depending on how many drinks you have (it will last longer if you drink from a straw) and lastly have fun with this fun look!!!
Beauties are you going to try this look out? Let me know beauties…


Joanne said...

Love the really pretty shade of pink! :)

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hi Joanne,

Thank you :)