Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Flawless Alifeinbeautyam... Blogger Event Swansea

Hey Beauties,

I was kindly invited to the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Blogger event on Saturday 17th March to launch Benefit’s first ever Liquid Foundation… Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow which is available to purchase online and in stores on the 31st March 2012.

This is an exciting time for Benefit Cosmetics, with the rise of new products in the UK and Ireland, as well as Benefit’s hometown San Francisco, the Benefit team Lisa Potter Dixon and Jasmine Zhang decided to do a road trip to celebrate Benefits latest product, while travelling from London to Glasgow to Swansea and Norwich (so far), Alifeinbeautyam had the chance to attend and exclusively test the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation at the Swansea event.

As soon as I arrived at The Dragon Hotel in Swansea (South Wales), reception staff was waiting for me with the guest list (I felt like a celebrity I was on the guest list!) I was then ushered into a room to be greeted with the biggest smiles and open arms of the lovely Jasmine and to the delight of Lisa.

Jasmine was dressed head to toe in a sleek Black Dress with Feathers (I loved it!) and Lisa wore a Black Jacket, a Blue Pinstripe Shirt and a Sequinned Skirt (so fun!), for which Lisa exclaimed it’s “Sparkly but everyone should have sparkles”. 

We exchanged excited talks about the launch, the Rugby match that was on (Wales VS Ireland) and sat down to a buffet.

I was very excited to be part of this event it was Alifeinbeautyam first time at a Benefit event so I was keen to meet everyone and other “Benebabes” Bloggers.
As we all sat down Lisa introduced herself as the head Makeup Artist, Trend Expert and Brow Expert of Benefit Cosmetics and told us the history of Benefit Cosmetics.

Lisa then proceeded to demonstrate her makeup artistry skills using the new “Hello Flawless” on Kelly Blud the Area Sales Development Manager.

Firstly Lisa showed us how to prep the skin with “Porefesional”, we then moved onto the star product…the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation but not without Lisa telling us this…


TOP TIP ALERT when testing a foundation to see if it suits you do not test it on your jawline, as so many people do as this creates shadows and can lead you to your wrong shade, test the foundation on your CHIN.
Yes your chin! I was very surprised but as Lisa demonstrated with the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow shade “Cheers to me” and shade “Warm me up” on Kelly’s chin you could see which shade suited Kelly properly.

This is when the magic happened…
Lisa explained that the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation comes in light, medium and deep shades all with fun names such as “I’m so glamber” and “Cheers to me” to name just a few. The foundation also has cellular respiration, contains vitamin C&E and peptides which prevents signs of aging with SPF 25!

Lisa then continued to talk and apply; all the while we Benebabe’s all saw the major difference between Kelly’s natural skin tone then the Hello Flawless on the skin as a foundation but still retaining Kelly’s natural skin tone, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow just enhanced beautifully on Kelly.
As predicted Benefit has created another smash hit product. A full review on the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (Available in stores on the 31st march) will be posted soon by Alifienbeautyam.
After the demonstration we Benebabe’s had a chance to watch exclusive video footage on the brains behind Hello Flawless and a Q&A (All while getting our pictures taken).

Match Time
Yay! We then got to try and be colour matched by Lisa using the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, I am shade “Believe in me”.

Goody Bag Time
After being colour matched by the lovely Lisa we then got to do what every blogger loves to do…and that’s posing for the camera! We each had pictures with all the team, with our goody bags (some free samples and a Benefit note pad) and of course the trusted Benefit sign!


Goodbye but see you soon…
Sadly it was time to say goodbye to the team and bloggers, but not without getting everyone’s blogs and contact information (bloggers are soooo friendly!)

I had such a fun time at the event; it was great to meet other bloggers and have the chance to meet the team at Benefit in person (as we talk over Twitter).
I had a fabulous time! Thank You to Jasmine Zhang, Lisa Potter Dixon and Kelly Blud for inviting me and of course Benefit Cosmetic’s constant support of Alifeinbeautyam!

Thank you and see you all again soon!!!


Vonae Deyshawn said...

This looked like a very fun event! I've never thought about testing foundation on my jawline. I always go with the old wrist tester. I'll have to try that.

Vonae Deyshawn

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hi Vonae,

Thank You for your comment :)

Yes its a great way to see if a foundation suits you and test on your chin :)

The event was super fun :)

Hope your well