Thursday, March 22, 2012

National No Makeup Day...Are you taking Part???

Hey Beauties,
So today is the 22nd March 2012 as you well know, but do you know its National No Makeup Day also???


There has been a lot of talk over this day on Twitter, which has shown mixed reviews and just plain old ‘ahhh that’s rubbish’ which got me thinking beauties…

Do we rely on makeup too much???

Of course every girl wants to look pretty, enhance our beauty and make ourselves feel comfortable but are we over stepping the mark?

I love makeup it’s my life line and career but I love days when I don’t have to wear makeup and not only is it good to have a ‘break’ from makeup but it is good to let your skin ‘breathe’ and ‘rejuvenate’.
The last month I have worn makeup non-stop as I haven’t had time to have makeup free days, but for the first time in my life I have had breakouts on my skin like I’ve never seen before. Of course I have the odd spot now and again and when it’s that time of the month, but never this bad. This got me thinking whether the makeup was to blame and if I could of managed to wear a little less makeup this month?

“I recently created a poll asking how often woman wear makeup and the results were 70% of woman wears it every day”.

I for one am not dismissing this as a bad fact but It has got me thinking do we wear makeup out of choice? Or because we have too?  Of course our work life and personal life sometimes requires us to wear makeup but what about the damage it is doing to our skin and emotional health?

I have spoken with friends and colleagues about whether they wear makeup as a security blanket or because they want to? And to my amazement most of my friends and colleagues wear makeup to hide behind and disguise. They use makeup to hide behind the stress of a job, love life and their personal self issues, which range from they think a tan will make them look better or they have bad skin, that they don’t like certain features so they use makeup to cover this up, when in fact sometimes it doesn’t help. Of course there are also woman out there that enjoy using lots of makeup and thats personal choice too.
Most woman don’t seem to stick to natural makeup or a good smoky eye and light base anymore, there are woman today that have a ton of eye shadow and an orange face, it seems woman want all of their makeup on at once and I don't know what to think about that to be honest but rather than me judging I am curious.

So that’s why I think that today is a great day to really sit down and think about WHY you wear makeup?

And because I have been inspired today I will be taking you through my journey of a healthy skin, health and makeup routine that I think will benefit all beauties. I will be posting from Monday onwards.
Have you worn any makeup today? I have, have you? Let me know…



Miss Holly said...

I didn't actually know it was no make up day today and i haven't worn make up today.. so technically i did take part haha!

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hi Holly :)

Yay :)

Thanks for commenting, hope your well :)


SittingPretty said...

I don't wear make up very often, but I totally didn't know there was a no make up day! Rihanna looks gorgeous with or without make up! Thanks for sharing! Great blog, great post:)

XO Kelley