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Top 5 Lipstick Trends for Spring 2012 Guest Post by Modern Cosmetics

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You’re in for a treat this weekend with a guest post from the wonderful Sophia Mendelshon over at the Modern Cosmetics site with Sophia's post on;

Top 5 Lipstick Trends for Spring 2012
Before the new millennium entered, there is only a narrow selection of lipstick colors made available for women from all over the world. Nonetheless, gone are the days when lipsticks were only limited to dark shades. Today the wide range of lip colors, which are comprised of emollients, pigments, waxes and oils to easily provide protection, color and texture to a woman’s lips, are offered in extreme abundance. So this post lists the top five lipstick trends that would surely abound in this year’s Spring season.

1.     Coral
Girls who wish to sport a lipstick color, which would guarantee a nice blend with just about every ensemble, may want to go for coral shades. Whatever skin tone you may be born with or any clothes you plan to wear this season, coral lipsticks are the ideal shade for you. This is also perfect for ladies who want to take a rest from wearing red lipsticks yet still wish to feel confident about their selves.

Tip: In general, it is best to select creamy, moisturized coral lipsticks to carry out a more effortless application and to achieve fuller lips.
2.     Nude
Ladies who are fond of farding dramatic, smoky eye looks usually have a penchant for nude lips as a balancing act for such dark eye makeup. This Spring season, nude matte lips would surely become a staple along with a perfect foundation, bronzed, nude or pale blush as well as a tanned skin.

Tip: Finding the correct color for one’s skin tone is the key to successfully wearing a nude lip. While you should opt for a matte, opaque yet creamy lip color, it is recommended to avoid shades that are too close to orange, pink or peach.
3.     Orange
Dubbed as the color of the year, bold orange lipsticks and lip glosses are definitely ‘in’ for Spring 2012. Regardless of wearing it in gloss or matte, orange shades are simply gorgeous additions to this season. Nonetheless, there are a few rules in wearing such daring shade, and the first one is to unquestionably prevent exaggeration of colors. Orange lips match with natural eye shadows and soft eyeliner and mascaras as well as natural hair colors and toned-down outfits.

Tip: Women with warm skin tones should go for bright orange colors, while those with cool skin tones must opt for sheer textures.
4.     Hot Red
We are not sure when red lipsticks would end their reign in the fashion era, but they would surely still rock this year’s Spring season. Gorgeous red lips have always been a basic makeup for hundreds of years, and there really is no surprise to this as such classic color generously features exquisiteness and appeal.

Tip: Never forget the golden cosmetics rule to not mix intense eye makeup with bright lip colors such as red.
5.     Shocking Pink
Lastly, hot pink lip glosses and lipsticks are absolutely included in this year’s top lipstick trends. Shocking pink and bright fuchsia shades of lip products represent playful yet stunning personalities that are simply perfect for this season. Such color simply flatters any spring get-up, regardless of going for a sexy sundress to sporting plain shirts and a pair of shorts.

Tips: Women with dark skin tones may want to select red- or orange-based undertones for hot pink lipsticks, while girls with light skin tones could pick out blue undertones. Do not overdo your eye makeup and blush—neutral and nude colors, respectively, are great matches.

Well I think we can all agree that was a faboulous post and very informative. So the next time you’re ‘Lipstick’ shopping online or in-store you’re well prepared-all thanks to Sophia!
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