Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: The Karen Betts Interview Series...Part 3 of 4

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Today we have part 3 of the Karen Betts Interview series…

Exclusive to Alifeinbeautyam…

Karen Makeup

Not many people know about permanent makeup, can you explain what it involves?

"Permanent cosmetics - also known as permanent makeup or micropigmentation - are an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing that involves microscopic particles of pigment being implanted into the reticular layer of the skin. The pigment is placed at a depth of 0.5mm (much shallower than a standard tattoo) and is visible through the upper layers of the skin. Single or multiple disposable needles are used for the procedure. There is little or no pain for the client: for instance, treating eyebrows will feel no more painful than having them tweezered on the ‘first pass’ and from then on the procedure is virtually painless".

What would you say to anyone thinking of having Permanent Makeup?

"Research your technician and be very clear about the result you want to achieve. The main risk is choosing a poorly educated technician just because they may be less expensive. Permanent makeup should be considered exactly that – permanent. Whilst designed to fade you should always regard the treatment as irreversible and when deciding on your technician you should always research the company they trained with, the equipment and pigments they use and indeed when they last refreshed their skills. I would also recommend that you ask to view their portfolio and do not be afraid to ask if it is their own work they are presenting to you".

How long does it normally take for the procedure?

"This can depend on the experience of the technician and the area being treated. With my experience and the fact that I tattoo 6 days a week 1 hour is usually sufficient treatment time".

How long does it last? Is it removable?

"Although the procedure is known as permanent, the nature of the pigments and the depth to which they are infused means that fading will occur over time. The colour appears a little darker for the first few days but soon lightens and a re-touch is usually necessary after one to three months to achieve the perfect result. A colour boost every twelve to eighteen months will also keep your enhancements looking fresh and immaculate".
Stay tuned for the last installment tomorrow where we will get to know Karen personally.

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