Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do You Rely On Makeup?

Hey Beauties,

I don’t know about you but the weather in the UK is bewildering one minutes it’s hot and sunny then raining, and temperatures changes galore my whether app on my phone is constantly changing.

Which has left me in a pickle on what makeup to wear every day and is it full proof? Beauties how are you handling this whether has your makeup routine changed at all?

I had a steady makeup routine of a simple cat eye and nude base with a red lipstick but now my makeup has changed to a brown eye shadow a bronzer and a nude lip…interesting change.

Which got me thinking when it comes to life changes even simple things like the weather does your feelings towards makeup change?

We are constantly inundated with celebrities looking their best at all times even when they have problems going on their lives. Look at the towie girls how do they manage to wear makeup and look good all the time when they know their boyfriend has cheated on them or their friend is talking about them?

With all problems we go through in life it takes a series or even one event in your life to feel deflated and to ‘let go’ of yourself. It can be hard to pick yourself back up and get on with things let alone apply makeup but do you think makeup is one of the reasons women carry on in today’s society?

Would Rihanna go out in public without her red lipstick on knowing that everyone judges her and her actions?

I have had a little down fall in my life recently and it has been hard to pick back up the pieces and I must admit makeup wasn’t always the answer but it did help, putting on some lipstick to start the day encouraged me to get on with things.

Beauties do you think makeup is a life line for a confidence boost a helpful hand or just to make yourself look good? Let me know beauties…


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Dani Dutra said...

I do, a lot. used to rely much more, as suffered from sever acne when young. But that desperate need turned into a passion, and I am much happier on my own skin - and make up really helped me pull through the harder days! x