Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello Firmer Body Thanks to Nivea

Hey Beauties,
For the last month I have been trying to get my body to look good (and not in the Gok Wan way) in the sense of overall appearance and how my skin feels.

We have been inundated with body firmer, body cream and cellulite creams all claiming to tone our bodies and finally help our cellulite and stretch marks but none so far has helped.
Although I want all my body to be firmer looks wise (and yes I know exercise is the only way sometimes) I also have a love/hate relationship with my cellulite, so I have been on the lookout for a cream that firms and helps the old cellulite but what hadn’t occurred to me beauties was an oil? This is when I found this little beauty…

Nivea (New) Firming Body Oil Q10 Plus 200ml £6.99

“This multi-purpose oil can be used for all over your body to firm and care for the skin, improving its natural beauty enriched with skins own coenzyme Q10”.

The Product

The oil is quick thick in comparison with the oil being very runny and wet. The oil has a strong scent of Avocado and seems quite perfumed (to be confirmed) which can be quite over-powering. The oil goes on well to the skin but will tend to lay on the surface of the skin until you massage it in. Once you have massaged it in it tends to feel wet on the skin for up to three minutes but once dry leaves your skin looking firm and your skin softer with a scent.

The Packaging
Is one of the attractive things about this product once taken out of the box. The box so much didn’t appeal to me but I bought this regardless as I had heard great things about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it with the box the way it was (harsh I know).

The bottle is a cylinder shape and has a blue top with the Nivea sign with Q10 clearly stated with a woman in sync with the sign. You can see the oil, with the bottle having a dark yellow shade to it.
The bottle is easy to hold and store but can become slippery when pouring the product out of the hole at the top of the bottle. It would have been better if they had a pump to distribute the product.


I concentrate on my legs first and work my way up so that once my legs are dry I can put on some jeans, trousers pjs etc. so I won’t be so cold then.
Target areas for special treatment-with myself it’s all over but taking special consideration for my breasts.
Can be used on wet or dry skin. You are expected to see improvements in two weeks.

The Nivea Q10 Body Oil really does work it targets and aims at making your body appearance firmer and makes skin feel soft. It is not often I have a body firmer that does work but this has blown me away.
I have been using this for a month now and there is a massive improvement to my skin. It has cleared up all my dry patches and the oil looks amazing when on the skin. I haven’t of yet noticed a huge improvement on the cellulite part but the oil does make them appear smaller. I will continue to use and buy this.

Beauties have you tried this product or any of the Nivea range? Let me know beauties…


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