Monday, June 25, 2012

A Trip To The Beauty Parlour

Hey Beauties,

Today I am delighted to introduce a brand that you may not have seen before and if you have then your in for a real treat.

The Beauty Parlour is a beauty range that has a cool and chic 50's feel with catchy phrases and product names. They aim at giving women the help they need with none of the embarassment just a really original twist that will keep you happy, work, look great and are budget friendly.

The Beauty Parlour has five ranges Bath and Body, Treatment, Skincare, Lips and Travel.

The product I picked up is the;

"Crows Feet Wrinkle Filler-Lines Away! £6.99 15ml"

The packaging

Is small but compact and has the cutest writing, it it instantly cheers you up. The box tells you everything you need to know so your well aware what the product is what you can expect and how to use it. The product has a small blue tube with a opening at the top to let the product out (you need to gently squeeze the tube).


Use in the morning and evening on througly cleansed skin. Gently dab (do not rub) the filler directly into the problem line or wrinkle and just enough to fill the line.

The Product

The cream is a white soloution which is thick in texture and blends easily into the skin leaving the skin feeling soft.

There is no scent to the cream which I really like and a little bit of cream goes a long way.

You can use the cream over or under makeup once the skin is moistourised and I must say it does make a difference. My lines under my eyes have been getting me down and as I am getting older they are more visable.

But after using the cream when applied there is a mass visable improvement and difference to my lines. The cream has covered them but not as yet removed them which to be fair I don't think any cream can do just yet.


I love love love this product not only does it look cute, it fit's into my handbag and I am not embarrassed to get it out in front of people, as after all you don't really want people to know you got crows feet and lines...right? But with this cream I don't mind getting it out.

Its cute and really mimilises my fine lines so I can get ready go face the day and generally help my lines. At £6.99 it is worth its weight in gold and is really budget friendly, I will be re-purchasing when this one has run out!

Go on treat yourself! To find out more about The Beauty Parlour and its range visit or buy them at Superdrug online and in-store.

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