Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alifeinbeautyam Tries Barry M

Hey Beauties,
What do you think of Barry M? Personally I have never really tried any of the products to date but I have heard so many great things about them that I felt compelled to buy a lip product from the range when I was in Superdrug today.

Barry M Glossy Tubes Shiny lip-gloss (light pink) £5.00

I wanted to try a new shade of lip-gloss that would appeal to my ‘girly’ makeup phase I am currently having and thought this Barry M product would suit nicely.

I was very surprised on how pigmented the lip-gloss was! It truly was a bubble gum Barbie type pink and I could just imagine Nicki Minaji wearing this shade. The lip-gloss smells like a mixture if strawberry and a peach fragrance which is not too off-putting but does depend on whether you like scented products. I don’t tend to like scented products but I thought I would still test this.

The lip-gloss is super soft and is surprisingly quite thick in comparison. When applied you need to blend this in ideally with a brush so this could prove difficult when you need to use this lip-gloss on the go. The lip-gloss lasted an hour before sliding off which was a huge disappointment and lasts even shorter if you have a drink.

The packaging is nothing special but is a handy size to keep in your clutch, bag and or even your pocket.

Overall I am disappointed with this product which is very rare for Alifeinbeautyam to say but however I am impressed by the pigmentation and colour so I will be using this lip-gloss for creative makeup shoots for bursts of colours.

Beauties have you tried Barry M products? If so what do you think of them? Let me know beauties…


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