Thursday, July 05, 2012

How do you feel about tanning?...

Hey Beauties,
How do you feel about tanning? As you know beauties I am half and half about it to be honest, I go through phases of having a full tan then the next week I’m pale again...

Out of all the tans I have tried I still haven’t found the 'one' so what I have decided to show you today is two of my favourite tans around which has worked for me.
St. Tropez Gradual Tan Every Day Body Moisturiser (Light-Medium) £14.30

The St. Tropez is my favourite out of the two this particular body moisturiser is a gradual tan so you don't tend to see results (as in the skin turning completely brown) fast so for people who just like a nice glow this product is perfect. The moisturiser comes out in a white cream formula which goes on smoothly and has a scent which is pleasant and not to overpowering or has a usual 'biscuit smell'.

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Instant Wash Off Tan Matte Medium £6.99

With this Fake Bake tan is an instant wash off which is brilliant if you just want a day or a night tan but it does require a lot of effort to make this tan look amazing! You need to exfoliate and make sure you use lots of the forumla on your body and be warned it is very brown so you will see instant results. The formula is thick and smells chemical but if you can get over all of this it gives you a bronze goddess tan and looks amazing.

So there you have it beauties two tanning products which give great results, which one would you, choose? Have you tried these products before? Or are going to? Let me know...


Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Well I'm pretty tanned naturally being a brown beauty myself :-) However, I would probably not do sunbooth tanning. I'd prefer a spray on type of body makeup if I needed it

Anastasia said...

I'm actually terrified to try tanning because I've got pretty dark olive skin anyway! I think I'll just wait for the sun. OH SUN, COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE! :') xo