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Inspiration Interview Myke Spezzano

Hey Beauties,
Today I would like to introduce a dear friend of mine who is living the dream in L.A as a Makeup Artist to the celebrities. I caught up with Myke to discuss his career and some makeup tips…Introducing Myke Spezzano…


Alifeinbeautyam: How did you become a Makeup Artist?

Myke: I started as a lab tech at a glamour photography studio when I was 20 years old, and one day they were short an artist,  So I was like give me a few brushes and I just went on the floor did it and the affair began.

Alifeinbeautyam: What does your day consist of as a Makeup Artist? 

Myke: At the moment I am working on a film, so my day starts out at about 4 am in the morning get to work set up for the days looks and wait for actors to come in one at a time usually and i get them ready, by this time I have consumed about 3 cups of coffee. The rest of the day can be rather dull... just maintaining looks all day, unless you have a major change.

Alifeinbeautyam: What does a day in the life of Myke the Makeup Artist involve?

Myke: Well if it's a work day I do my best on set and then head home and spend whatever time I have with my fur kids, Juno & Tofu...then go to bed. Off times I spend a lot of time at the cinema, I love the movies and at the dog park spending time with my family.

Alifeinbeautyam: What has been your biggest achievement(s) so far in your career?

Myke: Wow that’s a tough one, just consistently working in a job that I love is a huge achievement. And the amazing friendships that I have made.
Alifeinbeautyam: What excites you most about your career?

Myke: Learning and learning from other artists that you work with them are talent. Some of them have been around and seen it all so there's always something new to learn. I love to make people feel pretty; to me it's more important than looking pretty.

Alifeinbeautyam: Is there anything you don’t like with your career?

Myke: Well yes, and not to be ungrateful the industry is competitive and I would have to say the hours. Wow! 15 hour days & sometimes longer my body just says, 'STOP" you need to go bed.

Alifeinbeautyam: Do you have any tips on getting into the industry as a Makeup Artist or in Makeup in general?

Myke: It's very competitive these days, there are so many of us that go up for the same jobs. Just make sure you're doing it because you love it...

Ask Myke

Alifeinbeautyam: What are your top three makeup secrets?

Myke: what? Share my secrets?

1. I still contour the face in the age of red cameras and HD it’s been over looked . It's a lost art.

2. I always make talents skin warmer then it naturally is. I think bronzers can be your best friend.

3. I like to use a lighter simmer colour in the corners of the eyes, it pops the eyes out, a makes your eyes brighter and you look more alert.

Alifeinbeautyam: What is it like to work with celebrities?

Myke: It can be unnerving at times sometimes the expectations of working with an actor/actress that you admire can be disappointing. Actors are people and have bad days too like us all. I myself have been blessed with working with some wonderful people and have made lifelong relationships, I met actress Brooke Burns in 2007 on the set of MISS GUIDED and show we did for ABC.

It was love at first lip-gloss, we have been close friends and have continue work with each other ever since.

Alifeinbeautyam: What makeup styles and colours are popular this season?

Myke: I tend not to follow trends for the reasons that there just fads of the moment. This summer I am all about sheer peach/apricot lip gloss and blush, mono chromatic makeup is pretty cool in my book too.

Alifeinbeautyam: Are concealers really worth the money?

Myke: YES a good concealer can save your life! I use concealer as foundation a lot.

Alifeinbeautyam: Do you have any makeup care tips to share with us?

Myke: Hmmm the only thing I can think of is that I don't use brush cleaners, I use Castile soap non-scented.

Behind the brand

Alifeinbeautyam: What makeup brands do you brands use?

Myke: I am a huge fan of Smashbox Cosmetics, Tartes Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Youngblood & Ferro Cosmetics. They have all been very good to me!

Alifeinbeautyam: What drugstore brands do you like?

Myke: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation it's pretty amazing and cheap too. E.L.F. available at Target, and L’Oreal Volumes mascara in carbon.

Alifeinbeautyam: What hobbies do you have?

Myke: Music, I love music I have downloaded over 23000 ITunes. Going to the beach and House Chores, I know sounds nuts but I like to clean.

Alifeinbeautyam: What is your motto in life? 
Myke: Know your own truth and ignore those that try to tell you who and what you are.
There you have it beauties some insight into a professional and celebrity Makeup Artist. I would like to thank Myke for this fab interview!!!
You can check Mykes makeup and his makeup creations Blog here: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmykethemakeupguy.blogspot.com%2F&h=CAQFoL2rl 


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