Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Time To Beauty 'Read'

Hey Beauties,

As you know or may not know Alifeinbeautyam is a massive book fan (and yes I am still old fashioned and love a hard copy book compared to a kindle). There is nothing better than sitting down after a long day or even dedicating a whole weekend to a good book; whatever the topic that may be.

I personally love reading fiction and makeup books. So this week I thought I would show you two of my favourite makeup books and the makeup books that are currently on my wishlist.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Bobbi teaches you amazing techniques and application with this book (aswell as Bobbi's makeup story) and starts off with your brushes and meanings, storage, your health and life style for which can effect your makeup. You then learn skin care and onto the good stuff...makeup. The makeup is flawless and is really easy to achieve with Bobbi's step-by-step makeup application and photographery to show the way. You will learn with this book that Concealer is a God! Aswell as that there is a section in the book for proffessionals and or budding makeup artists which gives a brief in-sight into the artistry.

It contains how to build your makeup kit, how to build your portfolio and even the makeup industries you may want to enter. There is a creative 'look book' of makeup produced by Bobbi and a reserch guide there too.
Something that always excites me when I read back on this book...Makeup's full hustory eras and creaters dating from c.5000,000 B.C. times! Soooo fasinating!

Makeup Is Art

Is a beautifull work of art in itself with stunning photography and a wide range of makeup looks this is a deffiant must if you just want theartically a picture book. Besides fron this the book was created by two makeup artists who started out like any good makeup artist will tell you...shadowing with a hint of luck thrown in and aswell as that thier achievements and hopes for you with this book.

I would say this book is mainly aimed at people who know a little more about makeup in terms of key words and applications but never-alas this book can be a great starting point to a budding makeup artist...always start from the best! This book teaches skin care, makeup and all forms of application including body paint which is a huge bonus. Obviously it shows you brush care and meanings too but touches heavily on makeup, so sometimes you may need to re-read a chapter and this book will deffiantly not take a day to read, its a proper book to set you up as a proffessional makeup artist.

What I love about this book also is that it goes indepth about how to get a job, the skills you need and how to apply. Aswell as a reality 'crash course' on the industry you want to get into-they are not all that they seem and it is very hard work. I was very suprised about how a fashion show makeup artist goes through and all the procederes it was deffiantly an eye opener!

These books are excellent if you want to learn the fundementals of makeup, knowledge, and application of skin care and makeup but straight off the bat the makeup is flawless and really easy to master-after some practice on your end!

Out of all the 100 makeup books I have read these two deffiantly helped me the most when I first started out and is always a reference even today to look back on.

The two books that are on my wish-list are;

Lauren Conrad Beauty & Rae Morris Timeless Makeup

Beauties do you like to read or have read these books? Or prefer to read off a kindle or phone? Let me know beauties...



MissLyndseyJA said...

Great Post :)
Ive been thinking of buying the Bobbi Brown book for so long but seen mixed reviews, but I think I will go for it :) xx

AliceInWonderland said...

Great Post!
The Bobbi Brown book & the Make Up Is Art book, have been on my wishlist for a while!