Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Time To Get 'Purity'...

Hey Beauties,
As you know Skincare is very important. Skincare in general is there to protect improve and acts as a base for all our makeup.
Since I was tagged to do the Seven Deadly Sins a while back I noticed that one of my ‘sins’ was not taking my makeup off regularly at night (naughty naughty) so I have been on the lookout for a makeup remover and a moisturiser to help ‘repair’ the damage and I am thrilled to say I have found a range of products that I love so much I could talk about all day!
Purity Organic Skincare Conditioning Cleansing Lotion Makeup Remover 150ml £4.99 & Purity Organic Skincare Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser 50ml £7.99
First things first the Purity Range is fragrance free and is for skin that is sensitive. This is great for beauties like I who cannot stand any scented products and that is kind to my temperamental skin. Purity skincare is an organic range using all natural ingredients for which Purity is proud to be Ecocert Certificated.
Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion Makeup Remover 150ml £4.99

How To Use
To use the lotion you need to gently massage a thin layer onto the face and either rinse off with water or use a damp cotton wool bud etc. I actually enjoy taking my makeup off now as this lotion is so soft and easy to use that you don’t even feel like you’re taking off makeup.

The Lotion
The lotion removes every inch of makeup and is gentle when used to remove eye makeup. The lotion has a wet effect feeling on the skin and is easy to distribute over the face.

I got so excited when I saw the packaging it looks so professional (like a celebrity would use this product and it turns out they do) the bottle is smart looking with just enough writing on the front. To get the lotion out you need to click on top tab style top and then squeeze the bottle for the lotion to come out but be careful a large amount of product does tend to come out quick.

Purity Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser 50ml £7.99

How To Use
To use the moisturiser apply liberally and massage into the face and neck.

The Lotion
The moisturiser looks a little like ice-cream in the terms of how soft it is and that when you put a little on your finger or face it likes to ‘sit’ for which you then massage the moisturiser onto your. Once applied it leaves you skin with a ‘glow’ effect and I had a compliment today on my skin when really I had four hours sleep but just used this moisturiser.

There is also a secret to the packaging the sign on the tub can be peeled back to reveal the ingredients and information. I like the fact that it is in a tub and although there is a lot of product in the tub it fits into your makeup bag and easy to carry around.
I have noticed a mass difference to my skin in terms of improvement with the dullness of skin and have reduced the amount of spots I have been getting. As said before in this review it does give skin a glow and my makeup tends to sit on my face better. Love.

~PLEASE NOTE: Due to the percentage of natural content colours may vary & change over time.
Beauties have you use the Purity Organic Skincare range? Or are interested in trying it? Let me know beauties…

You can purchase Purity Organic Skincare on and nationwide exclusively at Superdrug in-store and online.


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