Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do You Know? Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream

Hey Beauties,

Today I want to share a product that is beyond classic, beautifully designed and is legendary...that is Chanel products. Today in particular I want to share is;

Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream

As you know Chanel is dedicated to using the best top quality ingredients, formulations and all things natural in their products. So that's why after watching some YouTube videos on skin care it made me think of my own...

At the moment my skin care is quite basic...and I hate to admit it but it's not really tailored to my skin (I know I know) so after some research I came across the Chanel website and began looking at their Skin Care Range. I FELL IN LOVE. As you all know I am a massive fan of Chanel products and would one day like to meet the creator now behind the brand...Karl...but not wanting to order the product on-line I popped to my local John Lewis department store and tested it out.

As I talked to the lovely Janette (a beautiful name and lady) on the counter she confessed to me that not many people remember or notice that Chanel also provides a Skin Care Range (myself included) so I was eager to see the Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream.

Where do I start? The ingredients and time taken to make this cream is unbelievable, Janette went in deep conversation on how they produce it and told me some key facts;

Radiant skin steeped in vital water, as exquisitely velvety, fresh and plumped as a Camellia petal: with Hydra Beauty Chanel creates ideal hydration. Deep hydration that protects against physiological and environmental stress.
Intense hydration ensured by the incredible power of the Camellia, the iconic flower of CHANEL, which yields an inexhaustible source of beauty: the extremely moisturising* active ingredient Camellia Alba PFA.**

Deeply hydrated, the skin is protected with the antioxidant power of Blue Ginger PFA,** which also reinforces the cellular self-defense system.

Wow just wow hey beauties? I was then so privileged and honoured to have been given two free 5ml samples of the Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream to try (as you know samples can be difficult to get) and after using the samples I am now pleased to say I will be purchasing the 50g within the next month.

Beauties have you used Chanel products before? Or have you tried this cream? Let me know beauties...



coffeecakesandcosmetics said...

Hey, New follower here! I have just purchased the Gel Creme version of this. It's beautiful! The assistant used it on me in store on saturday and I loved it! It was really refreshing on the skin and sinks in really well! Well worth the investment!

Alifeinbeautyam said...

Hi There! Thank you for the follow firstly :)

Wow its amazing isn't it :) I will save up for the gel version too.

Hope your well.