Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MAC Gets Viva La Ricky And Nicki

Hey Beauties,

So this may be a little late to have jumped on the bandwagon but I have finally purchased a Lip product from MAC...

MAC is the Blogger/Makeup Artist/Fashion Week and Consumer products dream but yes beauties I have only now settled myself into the MAC world...better late than never hey?

Now I know MAC is famous for their Lipsticks and Lip Balms alike and at the moment I am going through a natural/pink Lip look so I didn't go too crazy in MAC and thought I would pick up an essential to last me until I decide to go for a new Lipstick.

MAC Viva Glam Ricky Martin Lip Conditioner £11.00 (Limited Edition)

I wanted a Lip Balm that would make my Lips feel and look softer and I couldn't have asked for more with this Lip Conditioner! It is so easy to wear, is non-sticky and smells divine.

The scent of the Lip Conditioner reminds me of coco butter and a slight hint of vanilla, but when I have asked other people to do the smell test, they have said it as a hint of mint to it as well. The scent is not to overwhelming but if you don't like scented Lip Balms/Conditioner's then this won't be the one for you...

The packaging is sleek and feels extra special as we have Ricky Martins signature sprawled all on it. I like that it the tube is silver as I feel it is quite unique and haven't seen many packaging this colour before.

In terms of coverage and lasting, there is no coverage, it is a like a clear gloss (although when it comes out of the tube it looks brown-see picture below) so your natural Lip colour shows through. Lasting wear wise it lasts three hours without food/drink or two hours if you consume food/drink.

I apply this Lip Conditioner before bed and when I wake up in the morning my Lips are extremely soft and Lip application of a Lip Gloss or a Lipstick goes on easier. I do however find (and this may just be me) that my bottom Lip does seem to gather dead skin or feel sore in the morning but does seem to go after I cleanse my face etc.

Overall I love this Lip Conditioner and as it helps towards a massive cause-VIVA GLAM 100% of the sale goes to the fund, so this is a huge plus and I may stress that this is Limited Edition until the end of this year!!! Grab one or two now...

Beauties have you tried any of the Viva Glam range or this Lip Conditioner? Let me know beauties...


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Laura. said...

I love Viva Glam products and this looks fab. Will definitely need to pick some up!

Laura xo