Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wavy Lady

Hey Beauties,
Now with all the christmas advertisements on tv of late can you help but get excited? Not just for Christmas... but for party hair and makeup of course!!!
To end a great year to 2012 I am going out with style and have taken inspiration from Haringtons Hairdressing with this hair look...
Wavy Lady

Add a touch of 1930s glamour to your tresses with some vintage-style waves this season. This look is salon created by applying a setting lotion to freshly cleansed and conditioned hair, then setting on large rollers and drying under a hood drier. But it’s also a look which can also be created at home by setting on large Velcro rollers, or if you are dextrous when using them – double-barrelled tongs.


Step 1

Apply a setting agent (such as pli) to day-old hair to give it ‘guts’ and help set the waves in place. If using hot rollers, use a heat protective spray too, followed by a setting agent of your choice.

Step 2
Using a Denman pin-tail comb, divide hair into sections (the finer the section, the greater the curl) and wind around Velcro or hot rollers.

Step 3
Once completely dry, brush hair through using the Denman Classic Brush, creating your favoured wave by moulding hair into shape using both the brush and your hands. Finish with a light hold spray.
Will you be trying out this look? Let me know beauties... Visit for more information on this look and many others.


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Melissa Mason said...

I absolutely love vintage hairstyles and will be doing one for an upcoming party. Thanks so much for posting this!

<3 Melissa
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