Sunday, November 04, 2012


Hi Everyone,

A lip is no longer restricted to just a lipstick. There is so many lip products in the industry today that sometimes it can be hard to keep up, it is no longer the case of going to a makeup counter and being matched for the perfect lipstick...

There is so many formulas being created that we now have the choice to have two or even three combined lip products in one...that's why after having a browse through Beauty Heaven (aka the makeup counters in House Of Fraser) I was instantly drawn to the YSL counter and within minutes was sat down in the chair having a makeover...ahhh bliss!!!


  • DESCRIPTION: This little gem is a welcomed edition to my ever growing lip collection. This Lip Stain is a little different it provides a Lip Gloss and Lipstick in one and is a perfect combination for the best of both worlds

  • ROAD TESTING: Without a doubt of no lie after 'road testing' the Glossy Stain I am pleased to say the coverage and lastabitlity of this product is four to six hours and that includes eating and drinking while wearing it!

  • PIGMENTATION: The pigmentation is outstanding

  • APPLICATION: When you first apply to the lips it feels like a lipstick but within 30 seconds the gloss starts to kick in and conbines with the lipstick with a slight gloss sheen on the lips (but can be buildable depending how much application of the stain you put on your lips)

  • PACKAGING: In terms of packaging I like the idea you can see the product within the 'window' but I have to admit I was dissapointed to find out the packaging is plastic

  • SHADES: There are 18 shades available
Overall I am impressed by the YSL Lip Stain it is long lasting and provides a perfect 'pop of colour' to my lips.

  • I will be re-purchasing this when I run out and give this a 4 out of 5.

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