Thursday, December 20, 2012

My First Time...Laura Mercier

Hey Beauties,

What do you think of Laura Mercier products? As anyone who is anyone knows Laura Mercier products are known internationally for their long lasting power.

After all the years of being a Beauty Blogger I have never tried any Laura Mercier products and have lusted after them for so long. I have never really purchased any of the products before as (1) I didn't know what the quality was like and didn't want to purchase any off the Internet and (2) because a makeup counter for Laura Mercier has never been in my area...until now that is. So you can tell what happens next beauties...I headed to the counter to try and prod all the samples in awe.

The counter was layed out nicely and I was surprised to see that there was only one member of staff on the counter and considering that there was literally a crowd of 20 people it was all one mad rush! After battling (well waiting to get served) I finally had a little chat with the consultant and we both came to the agreement to purchase my first blush.

Laura Mercier Cream Cheek Colour 12m in shade Oleander £16.50

First things first I was surprised to see that the actual product was so small. I thought the blush would be at least the size of a Mac Blush but once I opened the blush up I realised it had a mirror so I felt a little better about the size.

The cream blush is very pigmented and one light touch colours your fingertip. When applied to the face I made the mistake of adding a little too much so this made me look like a doll with pink cheeks! That how pigmented this product is!!! So a little goes a long way. The staying power of this blush is 10 hours and requires no touch ups throughout the day...until after 10 hours.

Overall I like this blusher it has amazing pigmentation and the colour really does make your cheeks pop but I wouldn't repurchase this for the price it is as I think there are alternatives out there that does the job like this but for half the price.

Beauties have you tried this blush or any Laura Mercier products? Are they worth the hype? Let me know beauties...


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