Monday, December 03, 2012

On a mission...Makeup Wipes

Hey Beauties,
How much do you spend on Makeup Wipes? Do you splurge or save? Or think buying them altogether is a waste of time and money?

I have always been on the fence when it comes to buying makeup wipes, I never know if spending more or less helps in the long run. The most money I have spent on makeup wipes to date is £6 and that hurt my purse in my opinion.

That’s why after testing a wide selection of makeup wipes I have decided to complete the ultimate test…is cheap and cheerful makeup wipes the best?

So in part one of many searches to come I picked up this little beauty in Tesco.

Tesco Everyday Value 25 Facial Wipes £0.45p
“Formulated by skin care experts and approved by customers with Aloe and Camomile extracts”

Firstly the wipes smell beautiful and surprisingly expensive smelling this is due to the fact of the extracts of Aloe and Camomile but is a refreshing change as some wipes I have tested smell a little like a factory sort of smell.
With a face full of makeup I went ahead and used this wipe to take off all my makeup and boy did it take it all off! My makeup was gone within one wipe. These wipes are mainly for removing foundation etc. so you need to be delicate if you are removing eye makeup in the eye socket.

In terms of packaging it isn’t outstanding but there is a cute feature to I as it has makeup designs and logos on the front which make it a little more appealing. The seal on the wipes come apart easily and to my utter astonishment seals back securely!!!

So don’t be fooled by its price tag and white design these little beauties do the job, smell beautiful and don’t break your bank!

Beauties have you tried these wipes or are going to? Do you spend a lot on wipes? Let me know beauties…



OhSoRosie said...

I tend to stock up on mid-range wipes such as Simple or Johnson's if they're on offer, otherwise I buy Boots' own brand at 3 for £3. I don't trust cheapy ones as I have sensitive skin, and I always cleanse and tone my face after using the wipes to make sure my make up is 100% gone! xx

I Am Me said...

This is great. I'm not too fussy about what I use on my face (I use baby wipes at the moment) but these are so cheap and if they smell as good as you say, I'll definitely give them a go! Thanks, x

Robin @ said...

I only use makeup wipes after a very late night when I don't want to wash my face. I also found some awesome natural ones at the discount store. I don't know if you guys have Ross there, but that's where I found them. They're called Blum Naturals and they are THE best makeup wipes I've ever used + no chemicals!