Thursday, December 27, 2012

Style and Beauty By Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad. Typically known for being the pretty blonde one on The Hills who had alot of drama in her life while chasing her dream to work in Fashion. Girls should hate her but we all love her.

I have been a massive fan of Lauren Conrad and The Hills since it began. I have all the box sets, all Lauren's books and actually cried when The Hills finished.

After The Hills Lauren went on to work with mark. cosmetics then to designing her own clothing line at Khols but then along with juggling all of this Lauren started writing books. The books were a teenage type read but then came along Style and Beauty.

Style and Beauty is two books that focus on Laurens personal style and beauty as well as giving advice from all her years of being on TV and her fashion experience to help and advise us.


Style helps you build a capsule wardrobe, in particular Style has taught me how to take one piece of clothing and to style it in so many different ways. Lauren shows us this by taking a little Black Dress and showing us ways to change it and in particular by adding a cardigan with a belt clinched in the black dress is instantly transformed from a sexy dress to a dress you can wear to work.

Lauren also gives tips on how to shop, sales, returns how to wash clothes and vintage clothing. There is alot to learn in this book as well as reminding us of things that we tend to forget with clothing.


Beauty is a book which quite frankly surprised me I was expecting it to be a mash up of beauty products on the market but how wrong was I? Lauren talks everything beauty from skin care, to stress, exercise and makeup applications on women of different skin and cultures with step by step makeup application.

Lauren in particular shares her story on her battle with skin and experiencing too much sun exposure as a teenager. Lauren also shared her experience with her stress battle which was very interesting to read. I loved that Lauren was open and honest and shared her experience with us. Beauty can be a long process to read and to learn everything but it is well worth its weight in gold as the knowledge that you learn can help and is a reference you can turn back to for the future.

Beauties are you a fan of Lauren Conrad? Have you read Style and Beauty? Let me know beauties...


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True said...

I love Lauren's style. Very classy, youthful feminine style! Great blog you have. I'm gonna follow u! X