Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Makeup Feng Shui Attack

Hey Beauties,

A new year a new you a new makeup clear out? Today I have literally feng shui my house and that left me looking at my makeup collection.

We beauties have been inundated with the advice, been taught or even told most of the time to never let our makeup bags, kits or purses to get crammed full with old makeup or products that we never use but somehow we can never get round to it, and when we do find the time or eventually pushed to do it we CAN'T. We can't bear to chuck out our favourite Lipstick or Eye Shadow for which we have had for years or despite the fact that it doesn't suit us we cant bear to chuck it.

So in the name of being a beauty addict I delved into my makeup bag and kit to see what I had...

The first thing I noticed that most of my products had the colour scheme of black/gold. I have decided to add some new colours for 2013. I managed to throw away some products I didn't use (very proud).

As for my professional kit this too consisted of black but I believe this looks professional while on a shoot. Pictures to come soon on my kit.

I have come to the conclusion beauties that it's no good hanging onto things that are past their sell by date or don't suit us for hygiene purposes too.



OhSoRosie said...

I agree with this! I try to keep my make up bag contents down to only the things I use regularly, and anything I haven't used in a while either gets chucked (if it's a 'basic' such as eyeliner) or demoted to my 'fancy dress' stash (lipsticks and more colourful items) :) xx

Hannah Roberts said...

Loved this post :) Just followed! :)

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

I tend to veer toward black and gold also but I have added some purples and maroon colors too. My mom also bought me the YBF makeup kit which has a ton of colors.

For my brushes, I went all Feng Shui lol. I put them in a glass vase with colored rocks and they all stick up. It's cute :-)

Lisa Stover said...

I am so guilty of this that it's embarrassing. I have trouble throwing out beauty products, even though I haven't used them in months. Like do I really need that hot pink/coral shad of blush anymore?