Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Do You Feel Without Makeup?

Hey Beauties,

I touched on this topic back in 2012 for National No Makeup Day on the 22\03\12.

It has been my most looked at post on Alifeinbeautyam and it is about our relationship with makeup.

How comfotable do you feel without makeup? As much as I love makeup there is nothing better than taking it off at the end of the day. However more and more women seem to rely on makeup as a crutch thinking they can't be without it.

True makeup helps us enhance our features but it takes it to the extreme when you wear it 24/7 or can't leave the house without it, even if it means popping to the local store with shock horror no makeup!

I am not alone in thinking this... and I must admit I have been a sucker for feeling pretty crap without makeup on. My face has yellow undertone's and it is a fact that having foundation on my face makes me look instantly refreshed and healither, but sometimes it gets to the point that I don't want to rely on foundation. What if one day foundations get discountinued? I know this sounds funny but what if it ever did or a World War 3 started and we ran out of makeup in general or that it is so rare because the ingrediants are being use for a better cause? I know this is extreme but look at World War 1 and World War 2 makeup was rationed.

Makeup is a genious invention and one cannot dispute that. However I was thinking recently whether Men tend to like makeup on us? I asked a few male friends and 3 out of 4 said they didn't mind makeup but liked it natural looking. Only one of my male friends (who will remain annyomas due to the fact of his quote) said he liked the whole shabang of makeup and that he didn't like girls without makeup on.

As postive the as the three comments were I found the last comment made me feel panicky. Do men like to see you without makeup?

I for one fail at this if I am honest. I come home after a long day of work and take all my makeup off, don't make an effort and my poor fiancee has to see me makeup free and scruffy looking (most of the time at least). He says he loves me regardless but I do notice that if I have some makeup on he apprieates it.

I am still kind of on the fence regarding wearing makeup all the time...I guess it depends how you are but I do like to be makeup free now and again. I also get jealous of the TOWIE girls for being able to wear makeup all the time and look gorgeous, especially Lucy Meck, she is my favourite but I was suprised to hear that Lucy doens't wear makeup at home!

Lucy tweeted me this after I asked her does she wear makeup at home as she lives with Mario?

"Noway! I never wear any makeup at home!"

So see even the celebs don't wear makeup constantly beauties! Let our natural beauty shine through!


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Kerri said...

I absolutely can not go out without makeup on... In fact last week I had planned to go on the tanning bed, decided against makeup to get the full effect and ended up turning back half way there to go put some on due to how uncomfortable I felt without it. I'm not sure it even comes down to what other people think about me, it's genuinely how I feel about myself. It's bad really x