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Part 1: An Interview With Emtalks

Hey Beauties,

2012 was the year of the Beauty Bloggers with 2013 destined to be greater. I was obsessed with so many blogs last year but there was three blogs that really stood out to me and with one in particular a blog called Emtalks.

Yes the beautiful Em Sheldon's blog and Youtube seriously took off in 2012 with 2013 looking even better. Em took time out of her busy schedule to give an exclusive interview with Alifeinbeautyam.

        So when did you create your blog and why did you decide to create a blog?

"I created my blog mid February 2012 and decided that I needed to do something to back up my application for University, as I wanted to go to a really good Uni, and on my course, there are only around 40 places, I think they said that for every 1 place, 20 people are turned down – I needed to make myself stand out. I soon realised that I actually have too much stuff to blog about that I wish I started it earlier!"

                                                                      What goes into your Blog?

"Lots of time but also I am lucky enough to get to do some incredibly fun things and attend the most amazing events, any excuse to go to London, I’m there! I also put lots of money into it because I always want to try out loads of products for my readers, it all pays off though when people read it".


                                What do you like to write about on your blog and who is it aimed at?

"I love doing in depth reviews of products, but most recently I wrote a personal post about bitching and that got a really good response, I love writing about my personal experiences. It isn’t really aimed at anyone, whoever wants to read it will find it I suppose. I still can’t believe that people read it at all really!"

                                                        What do you like and dislike about blogging?


"I love the fact that I can inspire and help other people, I also love how many lovely ladies I have met through blogging. I love being able to just splurge my emotions and feelings onto a page but I also love how I can save people from wasting money by doing honest reviews. However, I dislike the stigma that bloggers have ‘too much spare time on their hands’ as this couldn’t be any less true, I don’t have any spare time! I also don’t like some of the bickering that goes on every Sunday at the bbloggers chat on twitter, ive been abused by random bloggers so many times for sharing my opinion, I find some bloggers can be really catty and opinionated, I think we should all get on and help each other out".

Do you believe there is a lot of competition to update your blog regularly compared to other blogs?

"No, I personally think that it’s best to leave a post for a few days so people can really have a read of it. I don’t think updating your blog every single day is necessarily a good thing, it can be quite over whelming, I think it’s good to give people something to wait for, most people are busy and probably don’t have the time to read a different post every day. I wish I had the time to post religiously every single day, hopefully one day I will. I think it’s each to their own with this, and every blog/blogger is different".

How has Blogging affected your life? This year you won a Cosmopolitan award and was part of the Samsung Event in London for which you shared your stories of this to your readers on your blog. Do you feel blogging helped you with these experiences?

"Blogging actually is my life now, I won the Samsung global blogger competition because of my blog, this meant that I went to London for the whole of the Olympics and reported on it for Samsung. I even got to interview members of team GB. This was a life changing experience, I met friends for life but I also experienced something, which I know was  a once in  a life time opportunity, I am eternally grateful to Samsung for choosing me as a winner. The cosmopolitan award came as a complete shock to me, I’m still shocked that people even read my blog, ever. It’s just made me want to go on to do bigger and better things to make my readers proud of me".

                           What has been the biggest achievement with your blog?

"Easily winning the Cosmo blog awards, absolutely over whelming. It is probably the highlight of my life, it’s just spurred me on to want to do bigger and better things now for you all!"

Stay tuned for part 2 of Ems interview on Friday. You can visit Ems blog on and Youtube


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