Monday, January 07, 2013

Wrinkle Mina

Hey Beauties,

Parents, magazines and books tell us all the time...but only a few listen...


Up until six months ago I was very bad and didn't really take ageing seriously. I read tons about it and people would always tell me you will regret not using a wrinkle cream and it's safe to say I have regretted it.

At 22 fine lines have appeared under my eyes and that makes me sad. After years of saying it will be ok. It's not. So I am finally on the road to testing wrinkle and fine lines creams. This has lead me to NO7 as a first route mainly as they have a great repurtation and all thier products are Hypo-allergenic.

NO 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum £23

"Proven to re-store skins natural structure and appearance, with visible improvement in deep lines and wrinkles"

It is recommended that you test this out for 4 weeks which I have done. I am pleased to write that NO7 has yet again promised something that some companies claim and it never happens...and that is that it really works!!!

No 7 has reduced my lines significally. I apply the serum day and night and allow to sink into my skin. I concentrated on my lines below my eyes and on my forehead as I have some laughter lines there and I have noticed that they have faded a little.

The packaging is clean and crisp for which the product comes out in a pump form with the bottle being made out of glass.

I am hoping that this will last and although no product can instantly fade wrinkles NO7 can reduce them. Now to spread the word...

Product Rating 5/5


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