Sunday, April 28, 2013

Have You Had A 'FaceB4'

Hey Beauties,

Its all well and good using face creams, gels and washes alike when it comes to skin care but have you ever stopped too consider does your skin care product help fight bacteria or keep it at bay?

Yes I know what you must be thinking skin care/bacteria? Why is she mentioning this? Well beauties yes I am mentioning this because until recently I was un-aware that you can get anti-bacterial skin care products...until now that is;

FaceB4 is a skin care line which is targeted at making your life a little easier when it comes to washing your face morning and night, while perfecting the art of a combination duo of two products which consist of a Cleansing Foam and Serum.



Alifeinbeautyam caught up with Zoe Griffin the Face B4 Ambassador to tell us a little about the range;

Zoe Griffin

Alifeinbeautyam: How did you become an ambassador for FaceB4

Zoe: A company called Medichem International read my blog and asked me to try it. When I revealed I liked it, they asked me if I wanted to get involved spreading the word.

 Alifeinbeautyam: Tell us a little about Face B4...
Zoe: It contains more anti-bacterial properties than any other face wash available to buy without a prescription, In independent tests, people with severe skin problems said it changed their lives! If you go to now and look at the reviews under the product you will see what I mean.

Because of the anti-bacterial properties, you could use it without water if you had to. Like the small bottles of hand sanitizer where you don’t need water, one of the benefits of Face B4 is it will make you fresh wherever you are. Although as much as I like festivals, I prefer to use it in my bathroom, followed by the serum, followed by other moisturisers.

You can purchase Face B4 exclusively in boots stores and online at Boots Latest Finds here: &

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