Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Ten Beauty Commandments

Hey Beauties,

As much as we all love a Smoky Eye, Red Lips and a wash of Blue Eyeshadow over our eyes...let's face facts this kind of makeup can't always be worn in daily life, unless you are a total devotee to this look and can master this everyday (good on ya!) or a model.

Most of us beauties fall in to the category of having a full time job, University, full time parents and general life that doesn't always allows us time to create the perfect makeup (especially when the alarm clock goes off at 7am).

I have learnt this. Since getting into a new career 5 months ago I have had to totally re-think my makeup big time. I was so used to wearing my trade mark 'Cat Eye' and 'Red Lips' everyday that I quickly learnt that after a 12 hour day the 'Cat Eye' would look more 'smudge cat' and the embarrassing 'Red Lip' does smudge on teeth when you least expect it in bored meetings *cue awkward glances*.

That's not to say I haven't totally written off my look I have just had to re-look at my makeup options and learnt to beat the clock.

To make my mornings quicker and my makeup stay I have discovered the top ten beauty products that should be written as the Ten Commandments In The Beauty World...

Face Time

If you can't skip the foundation or dare to bare let's show the face we want to present to the world with the choice of these two products;

Dior Nude BB Cream

This is the best invention since sliced bread. This BB Cream offers a 'balm effect' on the skin which allows the skin to glow but provides a layer of cream (like a foundation but much lighter) so you don't feel totally bear faced. This lasts for 10 hours and can be built up to allow more coverage if you so desired.

Collection Cover & Go Foundation & Concealer Duo

If you can't bear to be without foundation this is your go to. This foundation gives a light to dark coverage colour ranges and is build-able. This foundation is very creamy and has a lightweight feel on the skin. The concealer is a god send in terms of covering them dark circles and we all know from the hype of Collection Concealer's that this is destined to be twice as good. This comes as a two in one and has a mirror on the end so we can top up on the go.

Eye Time

I personally can't leave the house without mascara I feel it opens your eyes and generally makes you look more awake (and all the better when we have a long day ahead) My two go to Mascaras are;

Lancome Doll Eyes
This Mascara has a thick formula with a beautiful scent. The wand is shaped to get every inch of lash and defines the lashes one by one. This mascara really doesn't budge and lasts 12+ hours.

No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

This mascara is long lasting and has an intense colour, this is a great budget friendly mascara.

If I have time to rim my eyes with eyeliner I always opt for;

YSL Noir Liquid Eyeliner Black

This is so long lasting and I find the brush easier to use when applying the liner even on the waterline.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Liquid Liner Black

One Word. True..this eyeliner does last 24 hours and is an absolute life saver at work.

Blush Time

Who doesn't love a bit of blush? I have learnt that no matter how pretty cream blushers can be I have had to cast them aside as these tend to wear off after 3 hours plus so I always tend to opt for a powder blush which lasts five hours plus. My go-to's are;

Chanel Blush

Rimmel Lasting Powder Blush

And finally Lips, from my experience I have had to limit the amount of times I wear a 'red lip' so I tend to opt for a balm or a lip butter. It's easy and quick and can be touched up without a mirror for when you are too busy. My two favourites are;

Revlon 080 Strawberry Shortcake
Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

So beauties tried and tested these products are my go to everyday and truly last when working another 12 hour day. Another plus side is that these products are interchangeable when I want to revert to my signature look.

Beauties let me know what your routine makeup for your 9-5 workday is.

Amy X

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