Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrity Makeup Launches - How Do You Feel About Them?

Hey Beauties,

Is it me or does the cliché of 'celebrities' supporting a Makeup brand out-dated or does it compel you to buy the product?

I must admit when I see celebrities advertising makeup products it does lead me to think are they in it for the money? Or do they genuinely love the product? This however may not always be the case that I may think this. When it comes to certain celebrities I really like or a particular brand I am adore I am somewhat more inclined to buy it...

Never alas there is three amazing celebrities teaming up with some fantastic brands this year to create some stunning products...let's take a look shall we?

Rihanna MAC

This beauty is teaming up with MAC to promote the cult lipstick Rooby Woo which is universally known, along with a number of other MAC products.

Cara Delevingne YSL

YSL Baby Doll Mascara

The latest edition to the mascara collection at YSL promises to magnifie your eyes through the innovative structure of dual-length bristles. The multifaceted brush alternates thick, widely spaced bristles to coat and magnify your lashes, while finer, more closely spaced bristles define even the shortest lashes, one by one, from the root to the tip.

The result? Volume that can be customized to suit any women’s desire for a false lash effect without touch-ups for 24 hours and judging by the video its all Cara's own lashes!

Lisa Eldridge Chanel

Lisa has been an ambassador of Chanel for two years now and you know when Lisa loves something we will all love it. As well as Chanel products being luxuries you know they really work, here is a selection of some new Chanel products;

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara


Chanel Les Beiges & Kabuki Brush

This Chanel Les Beiges is a powder foundation that adapts to your skin tone and goes onto the skin smoothly especially with this Kabuki brush (which is literally the softest brush in the world).

Beauties tell me if you are more inclined to try a product if a celebrity supports it or do you buy products because of the brand? Let me know beauties...


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OhSoRosie said...

I think if a celebrity collaborates with a brand to create their own products/shades then I will be more interested in trying them than if a celebrity is just 'the face' of a brand. I find I am more influenced by bloggers though, because you get more honest reviews and feedback!