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Exclusive Interview: Zoe Griffin

Hey Beauties,

As much as we love blogging sometimes we need a helping hand...and that for me comes in the form of Zoe Griffin author of 'Get Rich Blogging' and owner of 'Live Like A VIP'. I caught up with Zoe to discuss all things Blogging, Beauty and Fashion...


A: You have your book 'Get Rich Blogging' which goes in depth on ways to make money and have fun with blogging. So when did you create your first blog?

ZOE: I created a blog called in 2009. It wasn’t great. started in August 2011.

A: What skills have you taken from being a columnist and adapting this to blogging and running your website 'Live Like A VIP'?

ZOE: Contacts. Blogging is all about who you know. The more people you know, the more links you can exchange online which helps with SEO. Also, to be invited to parties or to get sent products to review you need to know PRs. Being a columnist helped as they approached me all the time.

A: What do you like to write about on your 'Live Like A VIP' and who is it aimed at?

ZOE: Celebrity gossip and fashion advice so we can all be like stars. Aimed at anyone who wants a better life without spending a fortune.

A: What do you like and dislike about running 'Live Like A VIP' ?

ZOE: I thought I’d work less hard than I did at the Sunday Mirror, but in fact I work more. As its my own business I cant switch off. I am addicted to blogging! However, the upside of this is that I don’t get shouted at (I don’t shout at myself). Also, its so satisfying when something good happens as you know it’s a direct result of your own hard work.

A: How has Blogging affected your life? You have your book Get Rich Blogging and your own website Live Like A VIP as well as meeting top celebrities.

ZOE: It’s improved it by miles. The first thing I do when I wake up is go online, read blogs and Twitter and look at newspapers online and it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed. To be able to make a living doing what you love is a fantastic feeling. Sometimes I get invited to fabulous parties like the BAFTA awards. It felt good when I attended them for the Sunday Mirror but it feels better when I get invited because of my blog as it makes me feel ‘official.’ I would be bored doing anything else.

A: What has been the biggest achievement with 'Live Like A VIP' and 'Get Rich Blogging'?

ZOE: With Live Like a VIP the biggest achievement was getting accreditation to the Cannes Film Festival, meeting Robert Pattinson and then getting that story covered on Perez Hilton (who linked back to With Get Rich Blogging, I’ve loved doing all the TV interviews. I recently did an interview with Channel Nine – Australia’s biggest TV channel – which was pretty awesome.

A: Can you give us any advice for future bloggers and columnists?

ZOE: Set yourself a target because it’s easy to give up if you don’t have a destination in mind. The goal might be a certain amount of traffic or a challenge to sell a certain number of ads or both but have a figure in mind. Then NEVER give up. You will reach your goal if you stay working towards. Even if you think you’ve failed, you haven’t – you just need to take a different route. You only fail when you give up so do not give up!

Ask the Beauty
A: What are your favourite Skin Care products that you use?

ZOE: Face B4 wash – I love the foaming action. Then I use Face B4 serum and finish with NUDE moisturiser. At night I use Face B4 and some NUDE pro genius oil.

A: How did you become an ambassador for Face B4?

ZOE: A company called Medichem International read my blog and asked me to try it. When I revealed I liked it, they asked me if I wanted to get involved spreading the word and earn commission. As the title of my book is called Get Rich Blogging, I knew I needed to do what I say and earn the commission.

A: What are your favourite Makeup products that you use?

ZOE: I either use Mac or I use Bobbi Brown. Seriously, my friends think I am boring. Bobbi Brown for day, especially the gel pot eyeliner and their brown eye shadow. Then Mac foundation and concealer and blusher. I love the blusher. Normally a nude mac lip-gloss. The only thing I have that’s not Mac / Bobbi Brown is Benefit Bad Gal mascara.

At night, I vamp it up a bit with grey mac eyeliner to go with the Bobbi Brown mascara. Or I keep the day eyes and add bright pink Mac lipstick. I need to stand out.

What's your motto in life?


Well beauties I think you can agree with me that this was an inspiring interview. A special thank you for Zoe for taking time out of her extremely busy diary to talk to Alifeinbeautyam.

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