Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lipstick Series Edwina Wynyard - Amazing PR

Hey Beauties,
Now as a self proclaimed Lipstick obsessive you can just say that I love Lipstick more than any other makeup product. I love how lipstick can make you feel when you put it on and even better the history behind lipstick.

It's safe to say that I am not the only Lipstick obsessive out there...

Alifeinbeautyam Lipstick Series is going to delve into influential and inspiring women's Lipstick collections, along with inspiring interviews and the history of Lipstick throughout the years.

Today we delve into Edwina Wynyard Founder and Owner of Amazing PR - Lipstick collection;

"When the lovely Amy Lou asked us if we all at The Amazing Blog  would write about a couple of our favourite lipsticks and what they meant to us – we leapt at the opportunity.

For me to apply lip colour (be it lipstick or gloss) means I am ‘fully dressed’ it is an essential item. My lips feel naked without some form of dressing.

My lip colour is definitely who I am. My preference is always for a slightly ‘blue’ not ‘orange’ tone – it suits me better and of course makes my teeth appear more pearly white.  Time for me is a luxury and sadly never my friend. Hence, if I can do just one or maximum two applications of lipstick during the day with it looking tiptop - I’m happy."

Edwina's favourite Lipsticks

"One of my greatest finds is LipSense ( with ‘Sheer Pink’  as my favourite shade. 

It is neutral but with colour. If I want a stronger colour I simply layer it up. Best of all it lasts ALL day with a few additional coats of their Lip Gloss to keep it looking fresh.

In fact, the colour with only two applications throughout the day stays with me until bedtime which is why I also recommend getting the Lipsense Remover to take off the last traces that your cleanser won’t shift."

"Another favourite I have is a Clarins Rouge Éclat In fact, it was recently given to me by my close friend Fiona at The Beauty Shortlist (Fiona and I have been friends for over 20 year) she’s an absolute wizard at knowing what colours suit me. She very sweetly gave me this ‘Pink Fuchsia’ Clarins Rouge Eclat,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_C050302011_color=10%20pink%20fushia&start=9  to try.

 I love it! It is a very cool toned pinky/red giving brightness to the lips but not at all garish or overpowering."

Well beauties that's an insight into the busiest and most successful women's PR company in London, stay tuned for part 2 and 3 where we delve into WengYee and Lara's Lipstick Collection who are the all important ladies who help keep Amazing PR amazing...


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