Monday, May 06, 2013

Welcome To The World Of Eye Shadow

Hey Beauties,
Now as you know I am not one to wear eye shadow, in fact it is out of the ordinary for me to even attempt to wear eye shadow (I like to have my basic cat eye liner and doses of mascara) However beauties I can confirm that I have been using eye shadow of late and have fallen in love with it!
What (I hear you saying) is the one eye shadow to change that girl? Well beauties that is;
Loreal Color Infallible 004 Forever Pink £6.99
The formula is a mixture of a shadow, pigment and a high -lighter in one. The shadow is the perfect combination that can either provide a light or more of a buildable coverage.
As this shadow is very pigmented (I use my middle finger as this has the most heat) to blend the shadow in, however you can use a eye shadow brush it just depends on your preference.
The shadow provides excellent coverage without any creasing or drop down which is a huge bonus when using this shadow. The shadow has the basic colour of pink while under-tones of it provide a little shimmer, which can act as a highlighter and in some cases is most defiantly worth using for the inner and lower (under the lashes) of the eyes. 
In terms of packaging I find it adorable and don't be fooled by the size of it! A lot of product fits into this little gem and is after all the perfect fit for the handbag.
5/5 Product Rating
Beauties have you tried any of the Loreal Eye Shadow Range?

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