Friday, June 14, 2013

My Journey So Far 'Results With Lucy'

Hey Beauties,

As with anything in life in order to be healthy and happy with yourself and our bodies it normally comes down to what we eat and how we exercise (am I right?).

You may be a total gym buddy, a causal exerciser or are the type of person who doesn't need too exercise, but no matter what the case the sheer thought of exercise and diet sends us off into a fit of panic (we still need some chocolate and can't live without our Starbucks) but I can confirm that exercise and a little healthy eating is achievable without cutting out the good stuff!

I am the type of girl that lasts on a diet a minimum of a day and exercise lasts even shorter as I can get un-motivated quickly. What makes it worse for me is when I look at celebrities and think 'ahhh I wish I had their body' and this is the case for one particular celebrity that I admire and that is Lucy Mecklenburgh.

We all know Lucy as the bubbly and smart headed business women on Towie, I admire Lucy for her business abilities (how professional was she on season one of Towie at the Fashion Show?) and her Beauty. And as an avid fan I was very pleased to see that Lucy has created a new website called 'Results With Lucy'...

Website and video subscription service combining Lucy's personal trainer Cecilia and her amazing team, to combat  "the gym" feeling while gaining access to Lucy's diet and healthy eating plan, with a mix of specially planned surprises in store.

Following Lucy's tips;
I have been working out in my own living room (who needs a gym?) with weights and some serious stomach crunching starting off with small amounts and then going an extra few the next time, so far this hasn't taken up much time in my day and has really been working! I have also lost 3lbs by adapting the 'diet' part mindset of not calling it a 'diet' but Healthy Eating for which I have swapped Chocolate for Toast and Jam and 1 Sugar instead of 3 in my Tea and it has been working! 

So why not join up? To find out more about 'Results With Lucy' and a chance to win a years Subscription then please visit; & Twitter @resultswithlucy


All pictures are the property of Lucy Mecklenburgh.

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