Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Love For Envelopes

Hey Beauties,

So following on from my previous post on my all time love of stationery (you can check it out here: ) I have once again fell in love with another type of stationery...


Yes this may seem a little out of place for this to be another love of mine but I can't help but love them. I love to think back to the good old fashioned way of writing and sending letters (especially love letters) all sealed within a beautiful envelope.

Luckily over the years envelopes have moved with the times. Of course you still get the plain white and brown envelopes but today there is just so many more options to choose from.

I recently came across a company called 'All Colour Envelopes' who specialise in delivering high quality envelopes designed for any occasion when you just want that extra something...

For which they all come in a fantastic range of colours and materials (padded, metallic, bubble etc) and many more.

To my excitement I was extremely happy to be able to try some out in my favourite shades and material.

Poly Gloss Bubble Padded



Pastel and Black                                                                                                                    
I must say after using these envelopes and the sheer design and quality of them I will defiantly be going back to them in the near future for personal and event use.
Beauties do you have an envelope love like me? What do you think of these envelopes? Let me know Beauties...
To find out more on All Colour Envelopes then visit the website on and on Twitter @ColourEnvelopes

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