Thursday, June 27, 2013

Online Shopping With Fashion Perks

Hey Beauties,

My love for clothes shopping will and will always be purchased online. Yes beauties I am one of them...

I can't help but love the thrill of hovering over pictures of clothes before clicking that all important 'basket' with a wait of 1/2 days or next day delivery if I am feeling generous.

Alot of people would argue can you tell if it suits you? What about the sizing? and yes I am all with you on that but as long as you buy from your regular stores there shouldn't be too much of a problem.

What if it is a new site? I hear you say...There is always going to be a risk when purchasing from a new online store you've never shopped at before but now more and more these days the returns are pretty great!

As well as shopping online I am always on the look out for a great bargain. That's where my favourite site comes in handy, let me introduce;

Fashion Perks

love fashion, 
love fashion perks!

Fashion perks is an online site that was set up by a group of fashion lovers who believed that shopping for clothes, accessories and footwear online shouldn't be expensive and that it should reward loyal shoppers. That's when Fashion Perks came up with the idea for a site that rewarded users with discount codes to use when shopping at their favourite stores online.

On Fashion Perks you get the latest information and discount codes from all your favourite stores with brands including;
Boux Avenue
All Saints

These are but to name a few with other amazing stores featured daily on Fashion Perks.

So the next time you want to buy your clothes/accessories or footwear online before clicking that all important button then head over to Fashion Perks first to get the latest on discount codes and offers as we could use a little extra money for that all important lipstick.

Beauties are you a fan of Fashion Perks? Then follow them on Twitter @FashionPerks and visit their website over at

See you over there! xoxo

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