Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Review: HD Brows Blusher

Hey Beauties,

There comes a time in our life when we just get plain old fed up of using bronzer and start, like a mad woman reaching for our blushers. I must admit I am a huge fan of bronzer and they are my go to every day, though lately I have been thinking of turning (like a Red Lipstick can hot up a look) and have been reaching for a blusher.

Not any old blusher I may add...No it is a HD Brows Blusher.

Introducing HD Brows Blusher 2 £17.95 12g

HD Brows in itself is popular enough. So it came as no surprise that this blusher would add anything but HD to my face.

Product & Packaging

I must admit I think the packaging is more structured compared to the HD Brows Kit, in a sense that the product is protected and if dropped the powder is not going to smash as much as the HD Brow kit. This powder comes with a useful tool (sponge) for on the go or for general application which I like and is very soft in texture.

The pigmentation of this blusher is phenomenal and is the best powder blusher I have ever used. The colour in the picture is a true reflection that the colour provides in the pan but with a slight dusting onto the cheeks this colour can be a light version of this shade or you can opt for full blown which is just as pretty.

In terms of last ability the powder will need to be touched up every 4 hours but what a pleasure this is to get out of your makeup bag *elegantly takes this out of handbag, smiles and applies a puff of powder onto the cheeks, cue all the women in the room wanting this blusher*.

HD Brows have once again delivered outstanding results with this blusher and has happily welcomed it into the HD Family. 

You can purchase the HD Brows Blusher 2 directly from the HD Brows site over at or at any HD Brows salon or partcipating stocklisters, please see for details.



Sara Chergui said...

Looks like a gorgeous product!


Alexandra Dove said...

Big bold blushes like that don't tend to suit me (more of a 'shimmer' girl, me), but that colour looks gorgeous!