Friday, July 05, 2013

Oh Another Lipstick To Add To The Collection...YSL Rouge Volupte

Hey Beauties,

When it comes to Lipstick I am always a sucker...even mention a shade you love or a recommendation, that yes you makeup counter devil woman and I'll buy it, so as you can see by this title I have once again fallen for another Lipstick.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shade 2 (Pink) £24.50

To start off can I please say how amazing the packaging is??? YSL are internationally known for their packaging but come on... this is so beautiful that I don't want to put it away in my makeup bag and instead it takes centre stage on my dressing table.

The pigmentation is amazing quality which shows when applied on the lips, the texture being very creamy and soft it keeps the lids well moisturised. 

The only downside to this lipstick is that it doesn't last long which considering the price is a huge disappointment in my book, especially compared to the YSL Glossy stains (which stay on for hours and you can read my review here; (

The maximum time its lasts on the lips is up to an hour. I personally think this is due to the texture as it is so soft and creamy, so I would definitely save this lipstick for special occasions.

Beauties have you ever tried any YSL lip products? Or have tried this lipstick? Let me know...



Sara Chergui said...

This looks really gorgeous !


True said...

Love the color! Would i loved to seen it on the lips