Sunday, July 14, 2013

Style...How Are You Inspired?

Hey Beauties,

As style goes where does it come from? Is it solely from Designers or Celebrities?
I have come to the conclusion that celebrities really do influence us when it comes to shopping. We always want to look like celebrities, act like them and in some cases copy them... This happens mostly when it comes to style.

I personally favour Rihanna  Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr and Lady Gaga when it comes to Fashion...Yes they may not have all the same profession (besides from being a celebrity but stay with me here) these ladies have totally different styles and attitudes... but you know what? They inspire me style wise.

I generally study what they wear and try to incorporate a mix and match into my wardrobe, yes I may not wear Lady Gaga's PVC skirt but I will use this skirt length with a different material and then adapt it into my wardrobe with a bralet like Gaga have worn.

Here is a few selection of celebrities who have taken the style to a whole new level;

Who inspires you? Let me know beauties..

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Sara Chergui said...

I get my inspiration from celebrities, some of them are just so fashionable !