Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Hype Of Eysilix

Hey Beauties,

I have been very conscious of late of taking more care of my eyes. I mean like it or not we use our eyes for everything (pretty standard right?) but really think about it for a minute… Our eyes go through a lot. Constant makeup, rubbing makeup off, looking at technology all day, watching TV, wearing and taking out contact lenses. Your eyes go through a lot.

As much as I have loved finally having a British Summer it has played havoc on my Hay Fever which has resulted in me losing my beloved cat eye and eye shadow with a replacement of no eye makeup and on really bad day not even wearing mascara.

Of course this is not too bad, I can guess I can rock a bright lip with no eye makeup… but it doesn't feel like me.

And with my Hay Fever playing up I can be naughty and rub my eyes which by no means helps, it makes it worse, and since I can’t control (most of the time) my eye rubbing I have started to develop little lines under my eyes which I can say they may be the first sign of wrinkles.

At 23 this is unacceptable so I have taken action and that has come in form of;

Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue £24.99

Eysilix is the first ever 10 peptide eye cream that instantly lifts, reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, tired eyes and irritated eyes.

I have been using Eysilix for a month now and can hand on heart have seen a difference in lines. I wish in some sense that I took before and after pictures. However I can honestly say that even at it’s price of £24.99 it is well worth the investment and considering it literally reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing puffiness (we've all been there) this is a god send.

In terms of packing I think this can be improved slightly and longevity of the product? I have been using it once a day and I have used around 88% of it as a little goes a long way! I also need to mention that you can apply this under or over makeup too with no effect in making your makeup smudge etc.

Have you tried Eysilix before? What do you think of it? Let me know beauties…

You can purchase the Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue directly from boots over at;



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