Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Review: Batiste Dry Conditioner

Hey Beauties,

My love for Batiste is no secret to you with previous reviews and as a top favourite of 2012 (links below) I am yet again going to portray my love for this amazing brand (May I point out what did we do with our hair before this brand came along?)

The Batiste Range is known for helping us out when it comes to our hair being greasy, when we need a touch up or even some 'lift' into our hair but what about conditioning properties?

Introducing Batiste Dry Conditioner 200ml £2.99

Batiste Dry Conditioner is a new line of 'mist' that contains argan oil and which promises to nourish hair giving a non greasy shine and targets fly away hairs making them manageable.

This conditioning mist is an added extra for hair and is not a substitute to dry shampoo, it is a bonus to make your hair look even better once it has been shampooed, if through normal shampoo or dried shampoo.

I have been using this as a go between when my hair needs a little volume and when I want some glossy locks and have to say I am once again smitten with the range.

Beauties have you tried the Batiste Range? Or have tried this dry conditioner? What are your thoughts? Let me know...

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