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EXCLUSIVE Interview - Lancelot Knight Handbag Company

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There comes a time in your life when an 'it' handbag becomes the centre of your world. A handbag worthy of craftsmanship and design need not no introduction as today beauties I have a handbag company that makes just that...

Introducing Lancelot Knight.
In an exclusive interview Lancelot Knight opened up about their highly guarded handbags, the process, the quality and love that goes into each individual handbag
Tell us a little bit about Lancelot Knight?
Lancelot Knight is a leather workshop located near Alnwick Castle, Northumberland. It is a family run business, father & son to be exact. All our leather products are hand-cut and hand stitched. Our designer bags’ range has been constantly expanding and evolving. All our bags are created individually with a contemporary twist.

When was Lancelot Knight created?
Lancelot knight has been launched since 1902 and established its first business premises in 1921.
What was the idea behind Lancelot Knight?
The business was set up through the desire to design, produce and own items of the highest standard and quality.

What goes into making Lancelot Knight Handbags?
We believe in products that are all about the quality and not so much about the quantity. All the products are made of the finest leather which is sourced locally, hand-cut and hand stitched with original antique leather tools.

What materials are used to create the Handbags?
The products are made from genuine cow leather.
What does Lancelot Knight Handbags represent?
Lancelot Knight bags represents old fashioned British values of integrity, quality, value for money, friendliness and sense of humour.

Who do you see using Lancelot Knight Handbags?
Our range of bags are upmarket and classic but we try to cater for a wide range of customers and are always looking to expand and create.

What is the creative process when it comes to making these high quality handbags?
When making the bags they are all hand-cut and hand stitched and they are all made using antique leather tools, to create a bag of such high quality we believe time should be spent on the manufacturing of it.
Do you stand by having your prices set at or over £90?
Our designs are very upmarket and classic as mentioned before, it stands out from the shelf and the attention to detail on the bags justifies the prices and depicts the class of the bag.
What direction do you see Lancelot Knight going in the future?
Every year Lancelot Knight continues to develop new collections, and our aim is to continue to work on the design of our beautiful handbags, clutches, totes and purses, which would be designed as one-off pieces to treasure.

What are your most popular handbags? 
Our most popular bags are our Avon Barrel, the fluorescent colours seem to be very popular.

Do you have any fascinating Lancelot Knight or handbag stories to tell us?
The satchel became a popular accessory in the 17th century, and has never really left the fashion scene, but we are always adapting our designs to fit in with the fashion of today that is how our harrow bag and Avon barrel range have been developed. We look forward to bringing in new designs to our range in the future.

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